TIP: Spend €75 to get FREE shipping!

TIP: Spend €75 to get FREE shipping!

TIP: Spend €75 to get FREE shipping!

Make meal time the bright spot of your little one’s day.

Healthy, veggie-forward meals (with full flavor!) delivered to your doorstep.

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Pick and choose your little one’s favorite flavors to quickly stock up on meals.

Custom Pack

9 x 180 gr

Pick & choose

4M+ Jolly Cauli 4M+ Jolly Cauli NEW recipe

4M+ Jolly Cauli

3 x 180 gr

Cauliflower, celeriac

4M+ Power Potato

3 x 180 gr

Sweet potato

4M+ Sweet Zucchini

3 x 180 gr

Zucchini, sweet potato

7M+ Beet it!

3 x 180 gr

Beetroot, carrot, quinoa, parsley

7M+ Pea Party

3 x 180 gr

Pea, cauliflower, zucchini, chervil

7M+ Strawberry Sun

3 x 180 gr

Strawberry, chia seed, sweet potato, rose water

12M+ Broccoli Forest

3 x 180 gr

Broccoli, mushroom, pea, quinoa, parsley

12M+ Cool Carrot

3 x 180 gr

Carrot, butternut, cauliflower, chickpea, curry

12M+ Happy Apple

3 x 180 gr

Apple, oatmeal, butternut, raisins, cinnamon

Plant-based meals

Fresh & organic

From 4M+ to 12M+



Delivery in Belgium

Packs for every age

Select our go-to packs to get the best, expert-approved mix of tastes and nutrients.

4M+ Healthy Start Pack

9 x 180 gr

Perfect for little ones just starting to eat solids.

7M+ Explorers Pack

9 x 180 gr

Great for transition from smooth to more textures.

12M+ Breakfast Pack 12M+ Breakfast Pack Favorite

12M+ Breakfast Pack

9 x 180 gr

Great as a lighter-flavored meal or snack.

12M+ Adventurous Pack

9 x 180 gr

New and exciting flavors with thicker textures.

12M+ Power Pack

9 x 180 gr

The complete range for the fullest nami experience.


Give a helping hand to the parents in your life.

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Homecooked meals for kids, minus the cooking.

Food Container Food Container NEW

Food Container

For your on-the-go meals & snacks

A spoonful of nami…

A healthy start
Plant-based, allergy-free meals specially made to help your baby’s nutritional development.

Cultivate curiosity
Packed with delicious, surprising flavors to build adventurous taste buds.

The convenience parents deserve
Nutritious, locally made, and perfectly portioned baby food — all delivered right to your home!

Created by experts. Approved by nutritionists. Enjoyed by kids.

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Our story

Gathering around the dinner table is a familiar experience to us — after all, we’re sisters! With a passion for healthy eating, we’re embarking on a new adventure together to share culinary exploration with the youngest among us. 

After the birth of Stephanie’s second child, we realized how hard it is for parents to find the time, energy and creativity to cook tasty, fresh, organic food every day. We want to help other busy parents interested in cultivating the values of curiosity, health, sustainability and love for food early on.

With nami, we hope to help give our babies a healthy, delicious start to a rich, full life. 😋

Stephanie & Julie 

Inspiring healthy eaters for life.

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Our mission is to make meals for little ones
with big dreams… and even bigger appetites.

Homemade, locally produced food delivered right to your doorstep

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