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The Meals

Does one portion of nami’s meals = one meal for my child?

Our meals are portioned at 180 grams for the average baby’s meal, and can be enjoyed at any time (breakfast, lunch or dinner), or even as a snack in between meals.

If your baby is feeling extra hungry 😋 , the portions allow you to play around and combine two. 

How do nami’s flavors encourage adventurous eating?  

We use delicious and surprising flavors, spices and fruit and veggie combos to cultivate curious eaters early on. The variety of flavors and ingredients means they get the vitamins and nutrients they need, plus boost their craving for a wide range of foods.

How fresh is nami?

It’s as if you made it at home! No additives + all meals are produced locally. We’re the first baby food makers in Belgium to use the innovative High Pressure Processing (HPP) technique that seals your food fresh, so you receive ready-made refrigerated meals at your home that are still full of nutrients.

Why is HPP the best technique for sealing the meals?

We researched processes for over a year, and found HPP to be the most innovative and effective technique out there for preserving food in its natural state. To keep things as fresh as possible, nami’s meals are sealed using the HPP technique and arrive refrigerated instead of frozen.

If you’d like to know more: HPP applies extreme pressure (instead of heat treatments) to seal the freshly cooked meals, ensuring all nutrients are preserved and the meal stays fresh. There’s no loss in taste, color or texture, and no need to add preservatives or additives. It’s as if it was cooked in your kitchen!

Do other baby food makers use the HPP technique to ensure their food is fresh?

Currently, nami is the first one using this technique among baby food producers in Belgium, making nami meals extra fresh. We’re always keeping our ears open for the best and most innovative solutions.

How many meals come in a bundle?

Bundles come with 9 meals of different flavors. Sign up for a subscription so your meals arrive bi-weekly, or buy one bundle at a time.



How do you deliver nami meals? 

After our meals are freshly made and sealed in the nami kitchen, they arrive at your doorstep in a refrigerated container. Tip: make sure you’re at home to accept the delivery, since meals should go straight into your fridge for max freshness.

How do I order and schedule nami meal deliveries?

In just a few clicks! Our easy online subscriptions to nami packs allows you to select monthly deliveries. Delivery of the refrigerated meals to your doorstep means you have one less task to worry about!

Something changed — can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Of course! If you’re going on holiday, or a one-time purchase suits your routine better,  you can pause or cancel at any time. We’re as flexible as life is!



How does nami help my child’s nutritional development?

Helping our babies get healthy starts is why we started nami. Our plant-based, allergy-free meals are specially made and approved by nutritionists to help your baby’s first 1000 days, the most important developmental phase in their life. 

Why are the first 1000 days of a baby’s life so important?

From birth to two years old, nutrition is a big deal for your little one. The brain grows more quickly than at any other time in life -> good food can have a huge impact on their brain development,  along with metabolism, the body and immune system. By investing in a good start for our babies, we’re all investing in the wellbeing of the future generation 😊 

Are nami’s meals allergen and gluten free?

100%! Our plant-based, organic meals are free of dairy, gluten, added sugars, preservatives and the big 8 allergens — they fit in perfectly with your child’s dietary restrictions. If you have specific questions about ingredients, check out our meals pages or get in touch. 

Why are nami meals considered veggie-forward?

Spotlight on: veggies! nami meals generally keep the main focus on nutrient-packed vegetables, spicing them up with herbs like parsley, or combining them with an apple for a surprising touch of sweetness.

Are nami’s meals organic?

Yes! All meals are certified organic, using ingredients grown without artificial fertilizer.

Do your meals follow Belgian laws for baby food?

Always! We take safety seriously, and follow regulations by the book. All meals are approved by experts, made by nutritionists, and checked by professionals to ensure everything is A-OK.

How does nami compare to baby food in the grocery store?

We only use organic veggies and fruits of the best quality, packed with nutrients, and we say no to any additives like sugar, salt or preservatives. We also use a wider range of ingredients and flavors to encourage curious eating. 

Because our meals are locally produced, nami’s meals are fresher. Thanks to our special sealing technique, there’s no change in color, texture, taste or nutrients from the ingredients in their natural state. That is why baby food in the grocery store usually doesn’t need to be refrigerated (since it’s not as fresh). 

How do the recipes adapt and change with my baby’s age? 

Our meals grow alongside your child. From smooth purees at 4 months old to full meals as a toddler, nami introduces your baby to different textures at different stages. Every child is unique, so feel free to mix stages and flavors to meet your baby’s blooming taste buds. 

*These are our suggestions but you know your little one best 😊 . If you have any questions, just get in touch — it’s what we’re here for!

How do nami’s meals compare to other organic baby foods?

Our meals are not only organic, but as fresh as you can get thanks to our special Pure Preservation technique. Locally produced and sealed for ultimate freshness, nami’s meals have the full taste of homemade food, but also are created by experts and approved by nutritionists to help boost nutritional development.

How does nami incorporate the latest in nutrition in developing your meals?

Nutritionists are the guides to everything we do at nami! We’ve done all the work to make sure your little ones are getting the right amount of the right foods for optimal nutrition development. After all, this is what we’re most passionate about. 

All recipes follow Belgian legislation, norms and laws related to baby food, and all recipes are backed by science — we promise to always stay informed on the latest research by experts. 



How do I prepare a nami meal? 

It’ll take no more than 5 minutes:
1. Remove the seal from the meal.

2. Scoop the meal out of the container and into a pot or pan. Heat the pan on the stove for 3 minutes on a low fire. You don’t need any oil or butter to heat up the meal, but if you prefer to, we recommend a dash of rapeseed oil.


Place the meal in a microwave safe container and heat up in the microwave for 1 minute, 30 seconds.

3. Always make sure to taste the food before serving it to make sure it’s the perfect temperature.

Note: Our packaging isn’t safe to use in an Au Bain Marie or microwave heating.

Can nami’s meals be served cold?

Of course! You can heat them up, or serve them fresh out of the fridge or at room temperature. Either way, they’re delicious 😋 


Can I put nami’s meals in the freezer?

Yes! Use within 2 months to make sure the food doesn’t lose its vibrant taste and high nutrients (although it’ll still be edible later). Once you defrost the meals, they stay ultra fresh for 2 days, refrigerated.


How long do nami’s meals stay fresh outside of the fridge? 

We recommend keeping the meals as cold as possible for as long as possible, but if you’re going on a day trip or just out on the town doing errands, we’d say:

A hot summer day: 4 hours
A cold winter day: 8 hours

Pro tip: For day trips, keep an ice pack in the freezer you can bring along with you in a small cooler bag to put next to your nami meals, to ensure extra freshness!


When do nami’s meals expire?

Every meal has a sticker on its back with a clear expiration date. Once delivered, our meals will stay fresh for 14 days. If you won’t use all your meals within 14 days, store any extras in the freezer by day 12 for maximum freshness.


If my child ate half the meal, can I save the leftovers in the fridge or freezer?

Yes! If refrigerated, opened meals stay fresh for another 24 hours. If frozen, just make sure you place any open meals into a closed container first and they’ll stay fresh for another 2 months.


What if my little one doesn’t like the meal? 

As with any meal, it’s normal! Remember, it takes up to 10-15 times for a child to get used to a new flavor. There’s always a chance your baby won’t like every nami meal from the first get-go.

Every nami meal is kid approved to make sure the flavors are delicious and nutritious, so our advice as parents and caretakers ourselves is to take a deep breath and keep trying 😊. Every bite is a step forward. If your child is a fussy eater or doesn’t like the meal at first, try not to feel stress. It happens to all of us and it’s a learning process for both parent and child!