TIP: Spend €75 to get FREE shipping!

TIP: Spend €75 to get FREE shipping!

TIP: Spend €75 to get FREE shipping!


How do you deliver nami meals? 

There are two delivery options:
1. DPD Fresh— During office hours (9:00-18:00) on Wednesdays and Saturdays
Orders of €12,55-€27,90 —> €9,50 Shipping fee
Orders of €27,95-€74,99 —> €7,50 Shipping fee
Orders >€75  —> FREE

2. Pickup Ghent Rijsenbergstraat 50, 9000 Gent — Call, text or whatsapp Stephanie to setup a pickup time: + 32 498 85 62 39
All pickups are always FREE

All options are available at checkout. 

Which option is the fastest? 

Your nami meals are ready for you the next day through pickup in Ghent:

— Select Pickup Ghent (free) at checkout
— Call Stephanie to setup a pickup time. + 32 498 85 62 39
— Pick up your order: Rijsenbergstraat 50, 9000 Gent

I selected DPD Fresh at checkout, how do I know when the meals will be delivered?

You selected a delivery date at checkout. We will deliver your meals on that day between 9:00-18:00.
You will receive an email from DPD Fresh in the morning to let you know at what time they will deliver your meals. 

Can I select a delivery time?

No, you can not select a specific delivery time, only a delivery day.
Deliveries happen between 9:00-18:00. You will receive an email in the morning specifying the delivery time. 

What if I am not home during the delivery? 

DPD Fresh can not leave your nami delivery with your neighbours. They will take the meals back to their refrigerated storage and try again the next day. If you are not there the next day they will store the refrigerated meals and contact nami for further instructions. 

Can my nami meals be delivered to my neighbours if I am not home?

No, DPD Fresh needs a signature from you at delivery. The meals also need to stay fresh and go into your fridge as soon as they are delivered. 

Are nami meals deliveries fridge-fresh? 

Yes! After our meals are freshly made and sealed in the nami kitchen, they arrive at your doorstep in a refrigerated container. Tip: make sure you’re at home to accept the delivery, since meals should go straight into your fridge for max freshness.

How do I order and schedule nami meal deliveries?

In just a few clicks! Our easy online subscriptions or one-time purchases allow you to select delivery options with a date picker. Delivery of the refrigerated meals to your doorstep means you have one less task to worry about!

Something changed — can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Of course! If you’re going on holiday, or a one-time purchase suits your routine better,  you can pause or cancel at any time. We’re as flexible as life is!